The Powerful MT4 Magnetic Drilling Machine, Now with Power Feed Mechanism for Effortless Drilling.

TITAN from Broachcutter® equipped with Morse Taper No. 4 is designed for cutting holes up to 110mm diameter using annular cutters and drilling holes up to 47mm diameter with twist drill.

Reduce manual labor through combination of hi-torque at low-speed gear setting with power-feed mechanism (Specially for large hole drilling).

Motor Power
Motor Speed
(Under load) 85,135,160 or 250 rpm
31 Kg
Annular Cutter
Max. Ø 111 mm
Twist Drill
Max. Ø 47 mm
Max. Ø 63 mm
Depth of Cut
max. 76 mm 100 mm (up to Ø 85)
230 mm
Magnetic Clamping
22000 N (25mm, ra=1,25)
Max. M30

Supply Format

  • Magnetic Base Drilling Machine
  • Safety Strap
  • Coolant Bottle Assembly
  • MT4 Arbor with 19mm Bore -
    Through Spindle Continuous Cooling

  • Metal Box
  • Operator's Manual (English)
  • Set of Tools wit wedge
  • Swarf Shield/Cutter Guard
  • Standard shipping weight – 45 Kg

HSS Cutters
Standard Arbor with 19mm Weldon shank. Optional Arbor with 32mm Weldon shank for large Diameter Cutters

Effortless Drilling
Power Feed Mechanism minimizes efforts required in drilling large diameter holes in thick plates

Twist Drills
Quick Change Drilling Chuck with Morse Taper No. 4

Twist Drills
Morse Taper No. 4

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