The Ultra Light Weight Auto Feed Magnetic Drilling Machine

CUB® AUTO from Broachcutter® has smart feed control that continuously adjusts feed speed to best suit load on drill motor.

Reduce manual labor and increase cutter life, most suitable for continuous usage.

Motor Power
Motor Speed
(Under Load) 350 rpm
13.5 Kg
Annular Cutter
Max. Ø 36 mm
Twist Drill
Max. Ø 10 mm
Auto Feed Control System
(Dynamic Feed
Speed Adjustment)
Depth of Cut
Max. 51 mm
70 mm
Magnetic Clamping
9300 N (25mm, ra=1,25)

Supply Format

  • Magnetic Base Drilling Machine
  • Safety Strap
  • Allen Wrench Hex S=4
  • Metal Box

  • Operator's Manual (English)
  • Integrated Chip Shield / Cutter Guard
  • Standard Shipping Weight – 16.7 Kg
  • Coolant Bottle Assembly

Overload Protection
In case of overload both drill motor & feed motor are switched off simultaneously.

Faster Operation
Feed control system reduces idle run time and enables smooth start of cutting

Auto Stop
Auto-feed control stops the machine when drilling is completed

Maintenance Free Operation
Dual bars guide system ensures extraordinary stiffness and maintenance free operation

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