Powerful ATEX Certified, Portable Pneumatic Drilling Machine

AIRMAG® 45 from Broachcutter® is an ideal solution in many hazardous environments such as oil drilling platforms, shipbuilding or petrochemical industry.

Motor Power
Motor Speed
(Under Load) 190 or 290 rpm
19 Kg
Annular Cutter
Max. Ø 45 mm
Twist Drill
Max. Ø 23 mm
Max. Ø 45 mm
Depth of Cut
Max. 51 mm
150 mm
Magnetic Clamping
8000 N (25mm, ra=1,25)

Supply Format

  • Magnetic Base Drilling Machine
  • Metal Box
  • Arbor MT2-C19/2-2
  • Coolant Bottle Assembly
  • Chip Guard
  • Spoke Handles

  • Hex Wrench S=4
  • Hex Wrench S=5
  • Wedge, MT2
  • Safety Strap with Snap Hook
  • Operator's Manual (English)
  • Standard shipping weight – 19 kg

HSS Cutters
Standard Arbor with 19mm Weldon shank

TCT Cutters
Standard Arbor with 19mm Weldon shank

Twist Drills
Morse Taper No. 2

Drilling Chuck with 19mm Weldon shank attachment

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